Tallaght Hospital gains significant savings each year with Quadient Impress and folder inserters

Tallaght Hospital Case Study

Tallaght Hospital manages a large operation with a very complex mail flow that spans a diverse range of documents moving through a vast network of stakeholders. They sought to streamline their mail and document processes that would improve the way that the clerical teams in the hospital print, pack, and dispatch their mail items.

With Quadient’s DS-75i folder inserter and powerful document output management software, Quadient Impress, Tallaght Hospital was able to establish a centralised mail function and gain substantial benefits and savings each year:

• better manage their mail flow
• saving 40 man hours per week
• better postal discounts, averaging 10 cents per item by deferring delivery
• lowering print costs by suppressing unwanted prints from mainframe systems and re-routing internal communications from print to PDF
• grouping multiple letters going to the same GP for further savings
• quicker dispatch of mail items

"The benefits to the hospital are huge. We have made massive savings, and this is just the beginning. It has been a great experience for us. The local support that Quadient provides is very good indeed!"
— Owen Kelleher, Mailroom Manager at Tallaght Hospital

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