StackAdapt averages time savings of 10-15 hrs per week with Quadient AR

StackAdapt case study
ERP: Sage Intacct
INDUSTRY: Media & Adtech

StackAdapt is the #1 programmatic native advertising platform, helping North America’s most exceptional digital marketers accelerate customer engagement and acquisition. Using machine learning and data science, Stackadapt strives to understand the complexity of human behaviour. Ad buyers use the state-of-the-art platform to plan, execute, and manage data driven native advertising, leveraging proprietary data, inventory, and published partners. In 2020, StackAdapt was named on G2’s 2020 list of Best Software Companies and in 2019, the company was named one of Deloitte’s Technology Fast 50 Companies for its rapid growth and bold innovation.

“We have satisfied customers as well as happier employees. Improved efficiency and communications makes for a stronger relationship.”


StackAdapt was struggling with two fundamental challenges. The first was providing a seamless and efficient customer experience and the second was forecasting payments and cash flow accurately.

Customer data was not centralized, and StackAdapt did not have the necessary technology to pull it all together and help address inefficiencies and customer challenges. The team was spending too much time searching for information across systems to build a full view of a customer account, when they wanted to be focusing on the collections process and improving the bottom line.

The lack of a self-service portal to effectively capture all customer information meant that StackAdapt’s team had to be contacted by customers for every single question they had. Valuable time was being taken up on the phone and over email, causing inefficiencies which frustrated both StackAdapt and the customer. In addition, these disparate systems meant that they never had a complete view of a customer profile and were not able to anticipate challenges, such as customers falling behind in payments. This meant they had to be reactive rather than proactive and their ability to accurately forecast payments and revenue was at a disadvantage.


Quadient AR's smart AR platform provided a self-service portal that delivered time-saving features, as well as an exceptional customer experience. Customers are now able to access all current and past invoices, balance due updates and payment history, and they can also communicate and pay directly through the portal. The self-service feature means customers are running their business – and paying their bills – on their own time. This has not only led to an increase of on-time payments. It has fundamentally changed StackAdapt’s AR management, making their team’s experience more rewarding.

Customer information is instantly accessible and all in one place, meaning the team are spending less time on manual, low-value tasks. They are better equipped to deliver impact in their roles, and this has been seen through an improved focus on collections and a strengthened cash flow.


Put simply – it’s a win-win. Customers are more satisfied with their payment experience and StackAdapt’s employees feel more rewarded in their roles.

  • Employees and customers work collaboratively to manage challenges and resolve issues.
  • StackAdapt understands their customer’s “story”. They have insight into how their business is running and can proactively partner with them to overcome obstacles.
  • 10-15-man hours are saved weekly and StackAdapt’s team can dedicate their time to higher value tasks.

Quadient AR has helped StackAdapt preserve vital, longstanding relationships while also providing essential and accurate insights into their cash flow. Revenue forecasting is a much simpler task and the access to better and more accurate data in a single portal view drives quicker and smarter decisions for all users.