2020 has been an unprecedented year for retail, with COVID-19 stretching brick-and-mortar businesses to the breaking point. A study by McKinsey & Company tells us that, traditionally, retailers who focus on Customer Experience (CX) have been more resilient in downtimes than those who don’t. Therefore, those retailers who had already implemented creative ways to combat the loss of foot traffic due to e-commerce, by expanding the ways people can shop, fared somewhat better when COVID came on the scene. We believe that retail can survive COVID, and flourish if you provide multichannel shopping as part of the CX. 

Creating a seamless shopping experience

Multichannel shopping is all about choice. Accenture reports, “When it comes to shopping, we found that 68 percent of all Millennials demand an integrated, seamless experience regardless of the channel. That means being able to transition effortlessly from smartphone to personal computer to physical store in their quest for the best products and services.” The report goes on to say there are multiple ways retailers fail their customers, and one of them is the lack of flexible fulfillment options.

When you offer a Click-and-Collect option, you put the consumer in control of how they receive their items. It provides them more opportunities to engage with the brand, online or in-store; simply put: it gives them choice. How you fulfill Click-and-Collect purchases can make or break your customer’s experience. If they have to come into the store and wait in line for someone to find their purchase, they have lost much of the benefit of Click-and-Collect. In fact, waiting in line could damage the experience, resulting in disgruntled customers. If, however, you put a parcel locker in place, specifically for self-serve pick-up, you will delight those same customers.

The beauty of multichannel shopping is that the consumer has choices, not just in product, but in how, where, and when to fulfill their order. With enough flexibility, retail can coax consumers back into their brick-and-mortar stores, whether they’re Gen-Z, Millennials, or any other generation.

Why parcel lockers?

Parcel lockers offer a cost-effective solution for the last stop of the last-mile when consumers choose Click-and-Collect. They provide a convenient, automated, contact-free process that benefits both the retail store and its consumers. With parcel lockers in place, staff is free to focus on more pressing concerns, which reduces operational costs. Consumer satisfaction increases because people retrieve their deliveries on their own schedule. 

Quadient Parcel Lockers: Create an improved retail experience

Utilizing a Quadient Parcel Locker at your retail location will provide you with a number of benefits for an improved retail experience, including:

  • Streamlined operations: Reduce last-mile delivery expenses and decrease the time needed to handle growing in-store deliveries.
  • Improved customer experience and satisfaction: Provide a streamlined and convenient offering to customers for their shopping needs.
  • Revenue growth: Increase revenue as customers make impulse purchases when coming to in-store locations to collect their click-and-collect orders.
  • Higher employee engagement: By reducing time spent managing click-and-collect orders, employees are able to focus on creating excellent customer experiences.

Ordering online is not a trend, it’s a fact of life, globally. By 2021, emarketer.com expects global e-commerce to approach $5 trillion. That’s a lot of packages. For customers who choose Click-and-Collect, the presence of a parcel locker can vastly improve the customer experience.

To learn more about how Quadient Parcel Lockers will transform your retail business contact us today.

Download a complimentary copy of our eBook “Welcome to the Future: Multichannel shopping and intelligent parcel lockers”.

Welcome to the future: Multichannel shopping and intelligent parcel lockers

Alexandrea Purvis

Alexandrea Purvis

Content Marketing Specialist- Parcel Locker Solutions

Alexandrea Purvis is the Content Marketing Specialist for Parcel Locker Solutions at Quadient, responsible for the development and execution of Quadient's global content strategy for Parcel Locker Solutions. Alexandrea has more than 5 years of experience in the technology industry and has created and implemented key marketing strategies that are engaging and increase brand awareness around parcel lockers. Alexandrea holds a B.A. from the University of Central Florida and an M.A. from Lille 1 University of Science and Technology. 

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